Business/Corporate Law


“Your Life.  Your Business.  Your Law Firm.”

Our experienced and distinguished team of legal professionals at Ohnstad Twichell, P.C., will provide you with a committed, life-long partner that can assist you with your business needs from start to finish.  Our attorneys will work with you to organize your business, to manage your business as it grows and expands, and to assist you with business succession planning.  Our goal is to provide our clients with a one-stop location to handle all of their business legal needs.

Our skilled attorneys work hand-in-hand with each client to determine the best business entity for the client’s situation (e.g. sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability companies, and profit and non-profit corporations) and then proactively assist the client with the necessary filings and governing documents to bring the business to fruition (e.g. articles of incorporation/organization, bylaws, member control agreements, applications for tax exempt status, etc.).  From the beginning, we ensure that your business has the necessary legal tools for success.

As your business operates and grows, we will be by your side to assist you with a wide arrange of legal challenges, including, but not limited to, local, state, and federal regulatory requirements; mergers and acquisitions; labor law issues; employment law questions; and contract formation and interpretation.  For example, our attorneys frequently attend corporate meetings to assist with corporate decisions, review employee grievances and internal policies, and draft and analyze employee agreements, subcontractor contracts, and other commercial agreements.

Additionally, our seasoned staff of litigators and negotiators will always be available to assist you with any legal disputes that may arise.  Whether you face contract disagreements, collection issues, liens, shareholder disputes, local and state agency challenges, lawsuits, or other commercial litigation problems, our team of litigators will ensure you understand the legal process and zealously pursue your side of the case.  With decades of litigation experience in agency hearings and in the courtroom, we assure you that your case will be in good hands.

Finally, when you are ready to transition your business to a family member or a business partner or to simply sell or dissolve the business, the legal team at Ohnstad Twichell, P.C., will be there to assist.  Known for our business succession planning, especially for farming operations, our knowledgeable estate planning team will take the time to listen to your transition objectives and concerns.  Based upon your feedback, the team will assist you with formulating and implementing a comprehensive business succession plan that suits both your business and personal needs.

Whether you are an entrepreneur beginning your first company, an established business person in the community, an employer, or an employee, you can count on our legal staff to become an integral part of your business team.  In short, your business success is our success, and we look forward to working with you to reach your business goals.

Ohnstad Twichell, P.C., represents numerous new and existing businesses, corporations, partnership and limited liability entities doing business in the States of North Dakota and Minnesota, as well as other parts of the United States.

  • Formation of corporations, limited liability corporations, limited liability partnerships and non-profit entities
  • Assistance with sale and purchase of businesses
  • Articles of Incorporation; buy-sell agreements; corporate resolutions and agreements; promissory notes; bylaws, etc.

Fargo Moorhead corporate and business lawyers:

Susan L. Ellison

John A. Juelson

Keven J. Kercher

Marshall W. McCullough

Tyler J. Leverington