Municipal Law and Water Law

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Approximately 35% of Ohnstad Twichell’s extensive law practice involves representing various political subdivisions in North Dakota and Minnesota. In fact, three of Ohnstad Twichell’s full-time attorneys dedicate their entire practice to municipal law, bonding, or water law.


Municipal Law, Land Use Law, and Municipal Litigation

The municipal law expertise of Ohnstad Twichell is not just a recent trend; it covers at least a 50-year period. Ohnstad Twichell has earned the respect of the legal community as a highly ethical, highly qualified law firm known for its expertise in the area of municipal law. As a result of its significant experience and expertise, Ohnstad Twichell is able to quickly and effectively resolve legal matters for its municipal clients, including litigation matters, which a less experienced law firm might not be able to do.

Our firm represents municipalities, political subdivisions and individuals in North Dakota and Minnesota. This representation includes a variety of different issues; such as land use matters, zoning and land use proceedings, including issues related to streets, setbacks, easements, drains, flood protection, utilities, and airports, and assisting with creating zoning ordinances. We also assist municipalities in implementing and financing improvements for water, sewer, and street projects.

Our municipal attorneys are members of the Cass and Clay County Bar Associations; the North Dakota and Minnesota Bar Associations; Minnesota City Attorneys Association and North Dakota Municipal Attorneys Association; and the International Municipal Attorneys Association (IMLA). To keep up with the ever-changing municipal laws and regulations, our attorneys also regularly attend continuing education seminars at IMLA’s annual conference, and annual seminars hosted by the Minnesota City Attorneys Association, the North Dakota Municipal Attorneys Association, and the North Dakota League of Cities.


Municipal Bonding

As Nationally Recognized Bond Counsel, John T. Shockley possesses a specialized expertise in the area of municipal bonds. Mr. Shockley has served as bond counsel for numerous cities throughout North Dakota and Minnesota. He is recognized bond counsel for the United States Department of Agriculture, Rural Development (both in Minnesota and North Dakota) and was appointed Special Assistant North Dakota Attorney General for the Bank of North Dakota Rural Development loan division. Mr. Shockley is a member of the National Association of Bond Lawyers.


Water Law

Our law firm is recognized throughout the State of North Dakota in the practice of water law. We counsel county water resource districts and rural water districts, and represent clients in the formation and financing of legal drains, disputes among water users, and eminent domain, easement, and right of way actions.

Ohnstad Twichell attorneys help clients develop, construct, and permanently finance water projects of every nature, and the attorneys prepare, present and defend claims in state and federal courts throughout North Dakota. Several attorneys in the firm have served as officers and directors of state-wide water associations, all dealing with the development of water resources in North Dakota.

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