Bankruptcy and Financial Restructuring

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Ohnstad Twichell attorneys Katie J. Bertsch and Michael P. Sly offer legal services in bankruptcy and financial restructuring for clients in North Dakota and Minnesota. Before joining Ohnstad Twichell, Katie and Michael served as law clerks to Bankruptcy Judge Shon Hastings at the Bankruptcy Court of the District of North Dakota in Fargo. Their practice involves:

  • Representing debtors in consumer cases (Chapter 7 and Chapter 13)
  • Creditor rights
  • Commercial law matters
  • Business bankruptcies
  • Financial restructuring

Consumer Bankruptcy (Chapter 7 and Chapter 13)

Bankruptcy is a means to obtain relief from creditors and a fresh start financially. Many consumer debtors face financial difficulties because they experienced a setback such as a layoff, divorce, or family medical crisis.

Filing a bankruptcy causes the Automatic Stay to kick in, preventing all creditors from contacting debtors or pursuing any form of collection remedy. It provides debtors control over the situation and time to catch their breath while their attorney guides them through the bankruptcy process.

For consumer cases, debtors can generally file for bankruptcy under two chapters of the Bankruptcy Code. Under Chapter 7, successfully negotiating a bankruptcy can give debtors a discharge of most forms of debt. Under Chapter 13, debtors can obtain relief through negotiating and paying a percentage of debts over a three to five year payment plan.

Call any time for a free consultation. Our team of competent and friendly professionals can provide you clarity and advice in dealing with your financial situation. We will assist you in submitting your bankruptcy petition under the right chapter, advise you on how to best use exemptions to keep as much of your property as legally possible, counsel you in your initial interactions with the bankruptcy trustee and your creditors, and see you through the bankruptcy process.

Creditor Representation and Other Services

From advocating creditor rights to advising in matters of financial restructuring, our attorneys provide a variety of services for all aspects of bankruptcy and financial insolvency. Our representation of debtors gives us a strategic and experiential advantage in representing creditors and understanding the overall process.

Katie J. Bertsch

Michael Sly