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Since 1939

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Legal Help For Growing Cities And Municipalities

Cities and municipalities grow all the time, creating a need for everything from expanded utilities to infrastructure and government employees. With all growth comes a certain amount of growing pain and the need to oversee and handle the growth with wisdom and legal care.

Our attorneys represent cities and municipalities throughout North Dakota and Minnesota in all types of water, utilities and other areas of municipal law. As a prestigious law firm dating back to the 1930s in North Dakota, we have become a trusted source of legal counsel and project assistance throughout these two states. Our lawyers have handled cases involving infrastructure improvements on drainage ditches and related projects. In one notable case, we worked with the Fargo Moorehead Area Diversion Project on a historic public-private partnership (P3) to manage flooding risk. Municipalities throughout Minnesota and North Dakota trust our legal service and representation.

General Counsel

Our attorneys provide ongoing counsel for counties, cities, municipalities and smaller governing bodies for a range of legal issues. We have represented cities and water boards in eastern North Dakota and western Minnesota.

We handle issues that include:

Many of these are issues we handle regularly in our business law practice. There is significant carryover for many of these legal matters. Our team of attorneys brings decades of combined legal experience and a trusted reputation representing municipalities in the issues they regularly face.

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In our litigious culture it is critical for municipalities to do whatever they can to prevent unnecessary lawsuits. The best way to do that is to work with a knowledgeable, experienced legal team. Call us at one of our office locations or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation with a lawyer from Ohnstad Twichell.