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Helping Your Business Secure Funding Through Private Investment

At Ohnstad Twichell we understand the legal and operational challenges and opportunities that come with raising capital through private investment. Whether you are a business looking to secure funding or an investor considering a significant investment, our team is ready to help you navigate the process, structure your offering, and ensure incentives are properly aligned between the issuer and investors.

The historic increase in interest rates and traditional sources of capital becoming more hesitant to lend has led to an up-tick in businesses raising capital from investors. Every securities issuance is different, and the complexity and nuance associated with each issuance varies greatly. Whether you intend to raise $50,000 from a friend or $50 million from investors across the country, compliance with applicable regulatory obligations is critical.

The Ohnstad Twichell Securities Law practice group has helped clients raise tens of millions of dollars. Our experienced attorneys can help you raise the funds you need or evaluate potential investments by evaluating offering structures, ensuring compliance with regulations related to the fund-raising process, drafting the necessary documents to ensure all bases are covered, and ensuring that necessary filings are made, including:

  • Offering Structure. We work closely with you to evaluate your goals and determine the most appropriate offering type and structure to fit your needs and draft contracts to ensure incentives are aligned and rights are balanced between the company and investors.
  • Securities Compliance. We will ensure your team is working within the limits set by state and federal law and working with the categories of potential investors allowed to be targeted based on the type of securities issuance.
  • Draft Offering Documents. Our team will structure and draft the required disclosures utilized in helping your company attract the investors it needs, such as Private Placement Memorandums (“PPMs”) and Company Operating Agreements.
  • Required Securities Filings. We will ensure the required filings and approvals are completed and filed with the appropriate regulatory agency, whether it be the Securities Exchange Commission (‘SEC”) or state-level securities departments.

Helping businesses raise funds from investors and helping investors evaluate their rights under a given securities offering is what we do. We take time to build relationships and understand your business, goals, and challenges. Our client-centric approach allows us to streamline the fund raising process and minimize disruptions to your core business operations. Whether you are a startup seeking seed funding or an established company looking to expand, our Securities Law practice group can help you navigate the path to success.