Energy Law: Oil, Gas and Wind

Reviewing and negotiating oil and wind energy leases

  • Oil and gas and wind energy litigation
  • Oil and gas partnership litigation
  • Mineral owner rights
  • Surface owner rights
  • Royalty disputes
  • Title disputes
  • Wind energy issues
  • Wind tower leasing and easements
  • Estate planning with mineral interestes
  • Oil field accident litigation (personal injury, products liability, etc.)

We represent landowners and owners of mineral rights in matters arising out of oil and wind energy production and exploration, including: litigation concerning royalty payments; reclamation of abandoned/dormant mineral interests; protection of landowner’s rights concerning drilling, well location, pipelines, transmission lines, roads, crop damage, and other damages caused by oil and gas operations; and litigation concerning wind farm disputes, including siting and setbacks. Lukas, Mike, Sara and Bob have attended seminars on oil, gas and wind energy. We have also given presentations on oil, gas and wind energy.

Lukas D. Andrud

Sara K. Sorenson

Robert G. Hoy

Michel W. Stefonowicz