Family Law

We are sensitive to your life, your family and what you expect from your law firm.

Divorce, adoption, parenting rights, grandparent visitation, custody, termination of parental rights, name change, paternity, premarital and marital agreements (prenuptial or antenuptial), property disputes, child support/spousal support/alimony orders, are all part of the fabric of American life.

A dispute over any one of these issues can cause a major life-changing event that impacts families and lives in many different ways. When our clients are faced with these difficult transitions, our experienced and knowledgeable attorneys strive to deliver solutions tailored to individual family needs and expectation.

Whether it’s resolving a parenting dispute, untangling a complex marital estate, calculating a child support obligation, securing a property appraisal, or working through a thorny spousal support and maintenance entitlement, our legal team recognizes that solutions work best when grounded by legal authority, common sense, and high ethical principals.

We know our diverse society with multiple blended families, high failure rate of marriages, same sex relationships and assisted reproductive technology demands special analysis of each client’s needs on a case-by-case basis. Simply put, a “one-size-fits all” mentality does not produce the best results in the practice of family law.

When you put your legal struggles in our hands you become an extension of our law firm  and our commitment to your life…your family.

Susan L. Ellison
Elle M. Molbert