Public-Private Partnerships

Date: November 15, 2017 Category:

Ohnstad Twichell’s public-private partnership (P3) team specializes in guiding public and private clients through the ever evolving process of P3 projects. Ohnstad Twichell boasts a diverse portfolio of P3 projects including urban development, university housing, and the first P3 water diversion project to be undertaken in the United States.  Ohnstad Twichell has additional experience advising a wide array of clients on infrastructure projects, including highway projects, utility projects, and airports. This extensive and diverse background makes Ohnstad Twichell’s P3 team a leading firm with the experience to navigate local, state, and federal law as well as interface with applicable agencies, such as the United States Army Corps of Engineers.

Uniquely situated as a firm with nationally recognized bond counsel, Ohnstad Twichell brings a financing perspective to transactions that is unmatched. Our highly experienced team has advised on the full range of capital structures employed in P3 models and has the ability to identify, decipher, and resolve complex issues.

For P3 projects, our financing team works closely with other practice groups at Ohnstad Twichell to provide financial, legal, and practical considerations. This fully integrated approach to P3 projects allows our team to identify and execute on smaller details that may be missed or misunderstood by others. Our clients value our ability to identify opportunities, prevent problems before they arise, and deliver innovative solutions.

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